• Hear Camp Freddy Cover ‘The Jean Genie’ Exclusively At Loudwire

    In recent years, many in the music industry have rallied around Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, more commonly known in the media as the West Memphis Three. Now, their fight to bring the truth to light is the subject of the documentary film ‘West of Memphis.’ The film is bolstered with a star-studded soundtrack filled with music from some of their supporters and Loudwire is exclusively premiering Camp Freddy‘s cover of David Bowie‘s ‘The Jean Genie.’

    Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, one of the trio’s longtime supporters, is also a member of the all-star covers band Camp Freddy and the group was more than happy to lend their cover of ‘The Jean Genie’ to the film. Over the years, Navarro became friends with Echols, in particular, and learned that Bowie was one of the inmate’s favorite artists to listen to while serving his time.

    The Camp Freddy version of the track features some wailing guitar work from Navarro and Billy Morrison, along with special guest guitarist Steve Stevens, plus a thumping bass line from Chris Chaney. Meanwhile, singer Donovan Leitch Jr. displays a swagger and bravado that Bowie originally brought to the track.

    Listen to Camp Freddy’s ‘The Jean Genie’ at Loudwire.

  • The ACE Eddie Awards have nominated Billy McMillin for his work in editing the film West of Memphis, which was recognized in the category Best Edited Documentary (Feature). The 63rd annual awards will be held February 16th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

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  • One of the best films of 2012 has inspired a soundtrack CD that’s a very early front-runner for my best albums of 2013.

    Due for release on Jan. 15 through Legacy Recordings, West of Memphis: Voices for Justice is the companion album to the Sony Pictures Classics documentary West of Memphis.

    The film is a powerful and gripping epic of American injustice, and the soundtrack of sorts is an appropriate auditory compliment.

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  • Damien Echols could be a bitter man. He spent 18 years with chains on his feet and bars in front of his face. He says there were beatings and days so bleak “that I literally reached a point where I didn’t think I could go on.”

    But he tries not to focus on the people who put him there. “They robbed me of 20 years of my life,” he says. “They can’t rob me of another day.”

    Read more at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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