Marilyn Manson - You're So Vain

Manson suggested this track as he got to know Damien personally and donated this Carly Simon cover song from his last record. Johnny Depp plays guitar on this version.

Manson had this to say about the WM3 case on April 8, 2010:

"It’s kind of come down to this, it’s basic, people have always prosecuted everyone like us, me, I’m not going to try to compare myself to Damien Echols. Although I wish that I had the strength that this guy had, because he’s gone to trial and gone to prison for just looking and thinking the things he did, and that’s pretty much what all of us as a music community believe in and what we need to finally get behind. So I’m standing up today to say let's all get behind the West Memphis 3 and fix it. And that’s all I’ve got to say. Let’s fix this shit."